Monday, June 2, 2008

orkut with foto tagging

Lately, Orkut has been closely trying to imitate Facebook. It started with applications, then status messages and the latest is the newly implemented photo tagging feature. If you log into your Orkut account, you’ll notice a new section called “Photos of Me” in your homepage.
This section will contain all photos in which you have been tagged by your friends. The same section is visible to your friends on your profile as “Photos of Him”. The process of tagging your photos is awkwardly simple:
1. Enlarge the photo that needs to be tagged. Click on the “Add tag” link at the bottom right of the photo. Your mouse cursor will change into ‘+’.
2. Drag the ‘+’ cursor over anyone’s face to show up “Add person tag” dialogue box.
3. Enter your friend’s name and click on save.
4. This photo will appear on your friend’s profile under his “Photos of him” section.
If you are concerned about privacy, you can completely disable this feature from the privacy settings page.
Orkut’s photo tagging feature reminds me of Flickr’s note feature, where you can leave notes on any part of the photo by dragging a box on it. Ironically, when I saw this on Orkut, I confused it with Flickr’s photo tagging feature, which happens to be completely different. Nevertheless, I find the photo tagging feature to be extremely useable.

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