Friday, June 13, 2008

interoperatability between Gtalk and YM

Ever since Microsoft pulled out of Yahoo’s acquisition deal, Yahoo’s stocks have been tumbling. While some Yahoo! investors blamed their CEO, Jerry Yang for not pursuing the deal, others said Microsoft would make a second effort to buy Yahoo, once their stocks are down.
In the mean time, Yahoo! tried to revive itself by signing an advertisement deal with Google. As per the deal, Yahoo! would run ADSENSE ADS along their natural RESULTS in U.S and Canada. The advertising deal is estimated to bring another $800 million for Yahoo!
This deal was not completely about advertisement. The same press release from Google brought some good news to Yahoo! Messenger and Google Talk users as well. Both the instant messaging service will soon be interoperable, which means Google Talk users can seamlessly chat with Yahoo! Messenger users and vice versa. This definitely puts Yahoo! Messenger in a stronger position because they have partnered with both Google and Microsoft (for Windows Live Manager). Yahoo! Messenger users can chat with both Live Messenger and Google Talk users without any third party add-on or Jabber transporter. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

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