Saturday, July 12, 2008

Yahoo! launched and for Email Addresses

Yahoo! Mail has started offering email accounts under two new domain names – and Yahoo! Mail being the grand daddy of all free webmail services (with over 266 million users worldwide) started way back in 2007. Hence finding a suitable email address without some extras in it is pretty impossible. Nearly

Back in 2007, when Yahoo! acquired Four11 Corp (RocketMail) for $80 million, they offered free email address under the Yahoo domain to avoid confusion and build brand. Existing RocketMail users were allowed to keep their addresses, but Yahoo didn’t allow any new sign-ups under that domain name. and will have all the same features of Yahoo! domain, which includes unlimited storage. If you couldn’t find the right email handle with Yahoo last time, maybe this is the time to grab your favorite address, while it’s still available.

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