Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sleep Texting for SMS addicts

We’ve heard all sorts of sleep walking stories, including this one, but 24-year-old Jessica Castillo of Italy, Texas has a weird sleep related disorder – “sleep texting”. According to this article, Jessica found messages sent to her boyfriend in her outbox which said “Baby u there? Need to tell something …” then some haphazard letters and numbers. This was followed by a second similar message which also ended with some gibberish words, but Jessica had absolutely no knowledge about those in the morning.

You are probably wondering if sleep texting was actually a sleeping disorder or just a cover-up by some people for unintentionally send text messages. Heck, even I felt the same! PsychCentral has answers from an expert in American Academy of Sleep Medicine, who believes that texting is so deeply ingrained in younger generations that sleep texting is absolutely possible.

On the other hand, Scott Fromherz from the Westside Sleep Center in Oregon disagrees. He says “The ’sleep texter’ may have actually been awake, but had not formed new memories for the event. Thus, a person might wake up in the middle of the night, text someone, go back to sleep and have no recollection of the activity the next morning.”

Considering that teens spend a lot of time texting each other, I think it’s quite possible that the process of drafting a text message is engraved in our muscle memory. Atleast, this isn’t as grave as having sleep sex.

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