Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dark Makeover for Gmail!

Back when Gmail was first launched, I was fond of their minimalistic WebMail interface. It has been four years now, and the storage has been tripled, but the interface still remains untouched. Some of us are finding Gmail’s look-and-feel to be boring. Fortunately, Evgueni Naverniouk has created a style sheet called Gmail Redesigned, which gives Gmail a dark makeover.

Gmail Redesigned does cosmetic changes to nearly element of Gmail, including the GTalk chat box, and the settings page.

To install this style, you’ll first need to have Stylish add-on installed in FireFox. Once that’s done, go to userstyles.org and click on "Load into Stylish" button. That’s it!

Gmail Redesigned would be a killer, if it could work along with Remember The Milk extension. Luckily, the author has plans to implement that in future. [Via: CyberNet]

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